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EXIN David Zambrano 2014 – Official Promo Video

Official promotional video of the 30 day experience with DAVID ZAMBRANO at Ponderosa, Movement and Discovery, Berlín.

Fifty Days – David Zambrano Costa Rica 2010

Video documental del Taller Fifty days Costa Rica. Taller de Danza con David Zambrano. Evento producido y desarrollado por 8 Reales Producciones. g-noma Films

Conversations with Choreographers – David Zambrano

Commissioned by Northern School of Contemporary Dance for the 2010 tour of the postgraduate company Verve, choreographer David Zambrano discusses his new work “draw your mind” and the development of his Flying Low technique. Also features extracts from the rehearsal period.


The Film “PASING THROUGH”, is based on David Zambrano’s dance workshop, that took place in Costa Rica in 2010. The full Film will be presented during the art installation of the above named film in 2011. Author of the project AMIRA BOCHENSKA

O David Zambrano μιλάει στο

Interview of David Zambrano at

“IDOCs” interview David Zambrano

IDOCDE – International Documentation of Contemporary Dance Education

lacaldera – ànima TV3 – david zambrano

lacaldera i laboratori david zambrano