Ceviche (2015)
Ceviche is the first creative cooperation of the venezuelan choreographer david zambrano, vertedance and the band zrni. the name of the performance refers to a traditional latin american dish for fish, which is marinated in lemon sauce and then mix with other ingredients.

This is how the choreographer worked with the dancers and musicians with the aim to create an improvised performance that caresses all your senses.

Concept and direction: david zambrano in collaboration with performers.
Dance performers: teresa ondrova, lucia kasiarova, bara latalova, and martina hajdyla lacova

Ballroom 2015 (2015)
Based on his 1996 piece ballroom, david zambrano choreographed a new work for the dance students of manufacture/laussane/switzerland.

Dancers: anna marija adomaityté, alex landa aguirreche, sarah bucher, alexia casciaro, audrey dionis, laura gaillard, marc osterhoff, romane peytavin, pierre piton, maryfé singy.

A song for two humans (2015)
Directed by david zambrano
Performed by ismaera takeo ishii and david zambrano

4 plus 1 (2014)
An improvisation dance performance directed by david zambrano with the dancers of the austrian company editta braun for her 25 years
celebration of her company.

Performers: dante murillo, manel salas, martyna lorenc, matan levkowich, samuel kirschner

Tierras Enamoradas/Lands in Love (2013)
An orgasmic dance rock event directed by david zambrano.

from the 7th of january until 4th of february 2013, david zambrano directed a selected group of 21 international dance
artists through a journey of spontaneous orgasmic rock dances where sound and movement were constantly spiraling
through each other. this event ended with four performances for the general public.

Performers are: emilios arapoglou, paul blackman, florencia demestri, gabriel ahumada dorantes, nicanor de elia,
edivaldo ernesto, richard fredborg, clara furey, christina gouzelis, joe jurd, vania luana, horacio macuacua, sophia
mage, mark meszaros, my nilsson, michael o’connor, hilde ingeborg sandvold, sabina scarlat, alan scherk, mat
voorter, simon wehrli.

Why Not! (2012)
Performed by david zambrano and iva bittová: a full evening of dance and music improvisation conducted and performed by those two
collaborators and improvisation icons who will unite their forces for the fourth time on stage.

Iva bittová is a violinist-vocalist and composer. Her musical worldview and visionary creativity acknowledge no borders.her powers of spontaneous creativity are more bountiful than it is fair to confer on one person. witness and marvel david zambrano is a thrilling performer of dance improvisation, inspiring teacher and innovative choreographer. His improvisation is committed to art as a cultural exchange developing the creative process in a world without borders. why not! is the title of this unique performance, a symbiosis of their working methods for improvisation on stage. they have performed in berlin, niigata (japan),
and prague.

For in addition to their eclectic biographies there is something else that connects them: a passion for improvisation.
and so the choreographer, who has always sought contact to other artistic genres in his work, and the musician who is
no less inquisitive shall set off together on a journey into the unknown. Why Not?

David Zambrano’s 50th-year sabbatical (2010-2011)
250 days of walking in new shoes
for this project, david zambrano choreographed the whole year 2010-11 in events that involved the number 50 as a celebration of
his 50 years of age:
-50 days intensive workshop for a selected group of 50 professional dancers representing more than 30 countries. it was staged in san jose de costa rica.
-50 villages performances: 10 villages in costa rica, 10 villages in senegal, 10 villages in polonia, 10 villages in south korea, and 10 villages in eslovenia.
-50 mins performances with edivaldo ernesto and david zambrano. performances happends in the city of brussels.
-50 days painting on the coast of cadaques, spain.
-50 days learning how to make shoes (this part was cancelled due to health problems with the shoe maker from sweden).

My Fire is Still Burning For You (2011) Choreographed and performed by David Zambrano.
This solo dance piece is being made in front of the audience.
So far it has been rehearsed/performed over 23 times.

Smoking Life (2010) Choreographed and directed by David Zambrano for the Slovenian dance company EN-Knap/Iztok Kovak

HOLES (2009) HOLES is a series of 4 different duets conceived and directed by David Zambrano in collaboration with four dance artists: Jimmy Ortiz, Cynthia Loemij, Sue Yeon Youn and Milan Herich.
Each duet is performed by David Zambrano and one of the four dance artists.

SHOCK (2009)Premiered at Frascati Theatre in Amsterdam.
Conceived and directed by David Zambrano in collaboration with 11 other dance artists: Stanislav Dovak, Horacio Macuacua, Edivaldo Ernesto, Andy Zondag, Nicholas Aphane, Elia Mrak, Marcus Baldemar, Young Kool Park, Piergiorgio Milano, Steven Michel, and Gilles Polet.

Morningdog/Dancingday/Piggynight (2007)Premiered at Teatro Guaira, Curitiba, Brazil
Performed by 15 dancers from the Guaira Ballet and with the assistance of Peter Jasko.
Music by Besh-O-Drom

Soul Project (2006)Premiered at Brakke Grond Theater, Amsterdam
Performed by 12 Solo Artists: Eleanor Bauer, Eugenie Rebetez, Ermis Malkotsis, Edivaldo Ernesto, Horacio Macuacua, Peter Jasko, Milan Herich, MatthieuPerpoint,Sue Yeon Yeon, Carlos Garbin, Nina Fajdiga, and David Zambrano.

Twelve Flies Went Out at Noon (2005)Premiered at Frascati Theater, Amsterdam
Performed by 14 dancers: Edivaldo Ernesto, Thomas Hauert, Milan Herich, Peter Jasko, Martin Kilvaldy, Hilse Leon, Horacio Macuacua, Hermes Malkotsis, Paul Neuninger, Rafael Nieves, Isabel Story, Mat Voorter, David Zambrano

Barcelona in 48 Hours (2004)
Premiered Dance Theater Workshop, New York
Duet Improvisation with Mat Voorter
Film by Anja Hitzenberger
Music by Edward Ratliff

The Rabbit Project/ Peoyecto Conejo (2003)DWA, Dans Werk Amsterdam
Movement research project for 17 selected young dancers from 13 countries: Ermis Malkotsis, Gustavo Barros, Gabor Varga, Willy Prager, Milan Herich, Carmen Larraz, Chloe Attou, Sissel Merete Bjorklis, Matja Ferlin, Gabor Pete, Lucas Condro, Peter Jasko, Laida Aldaz Arrieta, Mioko Yoshihara, Eugenie Rebetez, Zsuzsa Rozsavolgyi, Vebjorn Sundby

Mandraking (2002)Premiered Frascati Theater, Amsterdam
Choreographed and performed improvisation with Mat Voorter, Chrysa Parkinson, Alexander Thery
Music by Liza Minelli, Sandro, and remixes from Alfred Hitchock films

David Zambrano Invites… (2000)Premiered Brakke Grond Theater, Amsterdam
Dance-Talkshow format collaborators include: Simone Forti, Jennifer Monson, John Jasperse, Akram Kahn, Ko Morobuchi, Jose Navas, Hooman Sharifi, Siri Jontvedt, Maria Clara-Villalobos, Tom Plishka, Hisako Horikawa, Thomas Hauert, Anne Teresa De Keersmaker, Jordi Cortez, Meg Stuart, Osmani Tellez, Sasha Waltz, Palle Dyrval, Majid Ghadiri, Frans Poelstra, Mark Tompkins, Michael Moore, Michael Vatcher, Nuno Rebelo, Misha Mengelberg, Ab Bears, Wilbert De Joode, Tristan Honsinger

Acme (1999)Premiered New Moves Festival, Glasgow
Solo Improvisation
Musicy by various artists including Edward Ratliff

Aux.muted (1997)Premiered Bremen Dance Festival, Germany
Choreographed set piece for Stina K. Bollmann, Birgit Freitag, Helge Loschmann, Eckard Muller, Andrea Warzner
Music by John Zorn

Ballroom (1996)Premiered Danspace Project, New York
Improvisation Choreographed for Mat Voorter, Thomas Hauert, Astrud Angarita, Akos Hargitai, David Zambrano
Music by Thelonious Monk, Tito Puente, Duke Ellington, X-legged Sally

Frosting (1995)Premiered Tanz im August, Berli
Solo Improvisation
Music by Beethoven

Proyecto: Z (1994)Premiered Danspace Project, New York
Directed and Choreographed in collaboration with Mat Voorter, Thomas Hauert, Tim Feldmann, Paco Macia and Alexis Eupierre
Music by M. Theodorakis

Red Blink (1994)Premiered Dance Theater Workshop, New York
Solo Improvisation
Music by La Lupe

Agua Fuerte (1993)Premiered Teatro Nacional, Venezuela
Choreographed in collaboration with Jeremy Nelson, Bo Madvig, Osmany Tellez
Music by Yuval Gabay(Israel)

Cancion de Diente (1993)Premiered Judson Church, New York
Solo Improvisation
Music by Janis Joplin

La Vie en Rose (1993)Premiered Caracas, Venezuela
Choreographed and performed in collaboration with Mark Tompkins
Music by Edith Piaf and Grace Jones

Desde el Valle (1992)Premiered Casa del Artista, Venezuela
Choregraphed for members of Taller de Danza Contemporanea de Caracas
Music by Prince

Tra-ka-ta (1992)Premiered Casa del Artista, Venezuela
Choreographed for members of Espacio Alterno
Music by Kalyi Jag

Bolinga (1991)Premiered Judson Church, New York
Directed and performed improvisation with Alexis Eupierre, Jordi Cortez, David Beadle, Bo Madvig, David Zambrano
Music by Yuval Gabay

Sabana (1990)Premiered P.S. 122, New York
Duet Choreographed with Alexis Eupierre
Music by Miguel Noya

Segunda Puerta (1990)Premiered Movement Reseach Presenting Series, New York
Duet Choreographed with Alexis Eupierre
Music by Yuval Gabay

Celestina (1990)Premiered P.S. 122, New York
Solo improvisation
Music by Max Nagl

Los que se Fueron (1990)Premiered Movement Research Presenting Series, New York
Duet choreographed in collaboration with Donald Fleming
Music by Bizet and Miguel Noya

Rifle (1988)Premiered P.S. 122, New York
Choreographed in collaboration with Donald Fleming, Sasha Waltz, Jose Navas
Music by Miquel Noyay

Hecho in Venezuela (1988)Premiered P.S. 122, New York
Solo Improvisation

Fetiche (1987)Premiered Theatro Cadafe, Venezuela and toured in Tour De Fuerza: Nuevo Latino Dance and Performance from Dance Theater Workshop
Improvisational Solo
Music by Miguel Noya

Fabula de Tres Mujeres (1987)Premiered Danspace Project, New York
Directed Trio Improvisation Performed by Linda Mancini, Jackie Shue, Eva Gueke
Music by Guy Yarden

Apretaditos (1986)Premiered Movement Research Presenting Series, New York
Contact Improvisation Duet with Daniel Lepkoff
Music by Daniel Lepkoff

Volando Voy (1986)Premiered Movement Research Presenting Series, New York
Solo Improvisation
Music by Soledad Bravo

Tap the Feet (1986)Premiered Movement Research Presenting Series, New York
Duet Improvisation with Jackie Shue
Music by G. Miller

No Basta Rezar (1986)Premiered Movement Research Presenting Series, New York
Solo Improvisation
Music by Soledad Bravo

Para Carmen (1984)Premiered University of Illinois, Carbondale, IL
Solo Improvisation. Music by Bizet and Max Nagl