Improvisation on stage

Improvisation on Stage,
-A Dance Workshop

Learning to use one’s life experience, being able to consciously and continuously shape one’s energy integrating the body and mind, time and space through the practice of dance improvisation, students learn to create instant pieces of dance onstage in front of an audience.The workshop begins with students improvising solos, duets, and small groups utilizing the class as an audience. Zambrano pushes the students to realize that there is always something more inside and that performing is spontaneous.

The students are urged to break down old habits to search for new possibilities. Change is vital to this training as the student is asked to constantly change their vocabulary into something new. How do you use your power? How do you redefine what you know, turn it on and off to explore something new? The student become more flexible as they learn to communicate within their bodies, the bodies of fellow performers, and the environment in which they are working. Zambrano asks his students to accept everything one can imagine, especially the impossible, and to learn to call upon them when creating an improvisation.