Press Quotes

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“David Zambrano dances with the awareness and explosive agility of a creature that has no defenses except speed and wit…”

Burt Supree, The Village Voice

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“The one outstanding piece was David Zambrano’s 1987 solo Fetiche, based on Venezuelan folklore. Zambrano conveyed the imagery of his native culture, it’s people and it’s flora and fauna with refreshing modernity and orginality. He invested his dancing with a precision and dynamic vitality that were quite breathtaking.”

Rose Anne Thom, Dance Magazine

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“…the finest dancer is David Zambrano…Zambrano is amazing. Like a ballet dancer, he moves in all directions with equal ease.”

Joan Acocella, 7 Days


“There’s a riveting solo by Zambrano in which the space around him seems full of menacing beauty – things that he reaches for, things that cause his body to contort, recoil, fall. Yet his dancing is, as always, boundlessly resilient.”

Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice