Mandraking (2002)

Choreographed and performed improvisation with M. Voorter, C. Parkinson, A. Thery
Music by Liza Minelli, Sandro, and remixes from Alfred Hitchock films

Together with an international cast of dancers, David Zambrano creates an evening full of performances with choreographed and improvised structures.

‘I made up the verb mandraking Mandrake, who was a famous mogicion in comic books when / was growing up in Venezuela. During my childhood (1960’s) when something seemed impossible, people would say: . ‘only Mandrake can do it’ 1. Mandraking is for me the action festing physically what one can imagine

Concept and direction: David Zambrano
Dance: Chrysa Parkinson (USA), Alexandre Thery (F), Mat Voorter (NL), David Zambrano (NIV[).
Light and set: Simon Siegmann
Costumes: Mat Voorter